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The weekend was astoundingly spiritual and provided a powerful display of human love and connectedness. It also provided me with a way to process deeper compassion and empathy for others.

The workshop was an exhausting, mind-boggling, eye opening and rewarding experience and I thank you for that. It is so amazing!

The workshop was an excellent blend of intellectual and practical Gestalt techniques; also appropriate blend of physical, emotional, spiritual components.

The workshop was offered with a warm and generous gesture of what we are all striving for in becoming human.

I wish I could have stayed in that room forever; the amount of love coming from everyone in that room… well, I have never experienced something so beautiful, cleansing and necessary.

Thank you so much for a beautiful afternoon of healing; I loved being in community with all of those dear people, and I feel a strong renewal of love energy right now. Love and gratitude to you.

As I watched the hot seat work, the tears just flowed in admiration of your team’s love and caring. I have been blessed, you all are a blessing.
I am not the same person….I am not as afraid….I am excited by my life for the first time….I am grateful.

What worked for me really well was writing down my intention for this workshop right in the beginning. My goal was to become more and more “fearless” and, looking back, I realize the workshop changed my whole outlook on being fearless. Instead of visualizing a fully armed and shielded warrior who defeats fear with sheer strength and willpower, I now see another option: to simply conquer my fear with love by comforting myself with a song or a poem or a picture. The concrete suggestion of listening to “Bridge over Troubled Water” when I experience fear was very useful to me!

There are no words to express how deeply I have been affected by this past weekend. For the first time in my 59 years I feel I’ve broken free from my parents and am free to be ME. The safe, warm, kindness of you and all the group members has given me the opportunity to break my silence, to end the secrets. Now I have a barrier protecting me – and I feel safe, and no longer alone. A hundred blessings on all who were there this weekend.

The work I did at the Gestalt weekend helped me to make a break from my pain & anger. I finally got my head to break the surface of water to take that first gulp of air. Each person’s experience helped the rest of the group to heal. Everyone helped me to heel! It brings tears to my eyes. I felt like a weight was lifted off my chest after that weekend. You brought all of us this amazing healing as you conduct it and know just what needs to be done and when to prompt the group and in which direction to help the individual doing the work. The amazing thing is that all in the group benefit from each individual’s work. It is just unbelievable!

The weekend reminded me that I am vulnerable, that I have hurts, guilt and anger from long ago that had not been directly expressed. I surprised the heck out of myself in the power of my emotions, especially my rage.

I am looking at myself differently, more kindly than I have in a very long time. I actually looked at myself in the mirror a few days after I got home and said…” Maria, I love you”. I smile at myself. I feel more comfortable with myself. I firmly believe that anything you do for yourself enriches what you bring to others, either personally or professionally. I think others in my life know it is safe to be vulnerable with me.

After working with the Gestalt Center, I continue to make positive changes in my life by staying true to myself. I speak kind words and affirmations daily, and refuse to accept the negativity of those I encounter.

This has profoundly impacted my life. For example, the inner dialogue I now have with myself is more loving and caring than it has ever been. I greet myself in the mirror several times a day to say I love myself! That is wonderful improvement for me! I take strong stands on issues and feelings that concern me. I am at a place that I refuse to allow anger and resentment of others to impact my life. Than you for this.

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