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Absolutely, I do. Just realizing the metamorphosis in these last several weeks has been amazing… changing my whole mindset. Realizing it isn’t magic. I am going to have my “bad” days and that when I do, I have to deal with them and not hide from them. Knowing there are people out there that are supportive and that are not necessarily judgmental. I am being judgmental when I am not giving people a chance because I KNOW they will “judge” me. Makes no sense. That’s where my head was before that weekend. I feel like a dark blanket was removed from my head and I am finally able to see sunshine again. I feel uplifted and alive.

I feel I have stronger boundaries with other people whereas before I allowed others to run all over me more easily. I let my needs and wants known a bit more. I feel like I am definitely “testing the waters” in this regard a little more. I am trying to be a lot less passive-aggressive and more assertive.

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