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After doing this Gestalt work with you, I am more open to love, more open to letting my wife into my life, and I had a great chance to grieve my Mom’s recent death.
I know that there is no danger in asking for what I need now. I was afraid of rejection before and I guess I became needless and wantless. Asking for something, instead of always taking care of others, has always been a challenge. I now know that I will never be alone since I can really be myself, without shame.
I am more honest and open with others. This makes my relationships truly intimate since I am sharing who I am, warts and all, insecurities, fears, whatever! I can be myself with my loved ones, friends, neighbors and customers.
As I said, it is life affirming and life changing.
I was in a down place yesterday and it culminated in a long talk late in the evening. I was going over how my life “was.” I couldn’t believe the way I allowed people to treat me. I saw what a position of victimhood I had assumed, what a caretaker role I had taken on. That was my calling although I did not know where I received the calling from until working with you guys!
Suddenly such a feeling of gratitude came over me. I realized how far I had come. Recovery opened the doors but the real healing was in gestalt therapy work with you guys.

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