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Jay Burkholder, MSS, LSW

Jay Burkholder, MSS, LCSW

Jay M Burkholder, MSS, LSW, operates a Private Practice as a Mental Health Gestalt Therapist working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. He uses the Gestalt framework, which supports each person’s desire for health. By providing a safe space, Jay assists the individual’s inner wisdom to help guide the focus on what is working and what is needed to be more fully alive.

Jay was first introduced to the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center in January of 2011 at a training weekend and immediately resonated with the earthiness of being in the present while looking at what blocks fuller contact with self and other. He loves being in nature including camping, hiking and backpacking and uses Mariah’s “Arrive Already Loved” framework to nurture his relationship with himself so he can be more authentic in the world.

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