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Gestalt Training Testimonials

Read what others are saying about our Gestalt Training Program.

I really miss the Gestalt community. I learned so much from you, and I really appreciate your wisdom, insight and intuition. Thank you for all that you taught me in the year I was in a Gestalt class.

Knowing you, feeling your love and affection, watching and learning from you has enriched my life beyond measure. I am a different person today because of you and the Gestalt Training. This new and improved me is now interacting with my family and friends and the world in a more heartfelt loving manner. Your life has changed me and how my life is changing others and the ripples will continue to spread outward. I believe this work that you do and impact and healing people receive and then pass on is the only thing that can make our world a loving place, as God intended it to be.

I really miss the Gestalt community. I learned so much from you, and I really appreciate your wisdom, insight and intuition. Thank you for all that you taught me in the year I was in a Gestalt class

I am always moved by the dedication of our trainers and Ron! The care that you each took to make this graduation special unto itself is a reflection of the high quality of our program. I feel gratitude for knowing you and receiving so many gifts from you.

Dear Mariah, Mark, and Dori. My gratitude to all three of you for your loving criticism as opposed to unfair criticism, which is wonderful to receive and the loving family you have all managed to create while still managing your personal families. It is nothing short of a miracle to me, and one of the residual beliefs I have maintained as a Catholic is that “miracles do happen.” God sent me to this great trio.

The training was a priceless experience—filled with opportunities to make wonderful new friends, and to renounce terrible old beliefs. Thanks to the healing the trainers created, for me and for so many others, I learned how to create a different life for myself—a life of more abundance, success happiness, and love than I had ever dreamed possible.

I am indebted to the Pennsylvania gestalt center for both my personal and professional well-being. My history prior to the training had left me unprepared to either meet the inevitable challenges or appreciate the many opportunities life had to offer. As a novice therapist, I found that I was limited in the help I could provide to others when I was so much in need of guidance myself. The training gave me the experience and knowledge I needed to transcend these limitations. I find that I am now able to maintain a balanced perspective that guides my choices and expectations and allows me to achieve the goals I set for myself.

Eighteen months after beginning the Gestalt Training program, I am amazed at the change I feel. In my classmates, I have gained a community of caring, loving and support. I have gained a community where I feel accepted, where I have been able to communicate freely, where I can discuss the hurt, pain and loss in my life without fear of being rejected. I have gained a community where I can openly show my love, respect and friendship in a way that is meaningful to others. I have been able to openly explore things about myself and have been encouraged by my classmates to push even further into this path of self-exploration. And as they have stood by me, helped me, supported me and loved me, I have done the same for them. I am both proud and awed at how much our class has grown in trusting, loving and supporting one another.

Gestalt training will enhance my ability to relate to teachers whose personalities differ from my own, as well as helping me to set boundaries when others behave in ways that are disrespectful. Most of all, I think that Gestalt Training will make it more possible for me to honor, love, and cherish my whole self, even the shadow side.

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