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We know that investing in you is key to sustainable success and satisfaction. That’s why we are proud to announce our Contemporary Gestalt Training Program, distinguished by its use of state-of-the-art Gestalt skills.

Joining our training program is an opportunity to invest six months of your life in an unbelievable growth experience. It can change your life.

The impact of this training is profound. You will develop enhanced competencies in self-awareness and confidence, personal presence, and the ability to impact others, and increase your capacity to act with clarity and purpose.

A newly graduated clinician? We equip you with an array of hands-on clinical skills that may have been missing from your graduate coursework.

A seasoned professional who feels stale? We can expand your clinical skills to complement your existing practice.

For non-professionals, we emphasize the acquisition of life skills training and personal growth.

In this year of training you will learn to:

  • Complement personal growth with theoretical understanding
  • Create significant professional expansion
  • Gain one-on-one clinical skills
  • Apply Gestalt techniques
  • Demonstrate the importance of contact as a measure of health
  • Understand Gestalt resistances and identify them in clinical material
  • Manage ongoing group process

This training program is open to psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, educators, movement therapists, teachers, bodyworkers, business leaders, and those seeking personal growth.

Come join us and create the life you’ve always wanted! This is an exciting opportunity for an ongoing intensive professional and personal growth process with a group of committed people supervised by master Gestalt practitioners.

The Training Program starts with 2nd year students leading a supervised workshop in January. To apply or for more information, visit our Gestalt Training Curriculum page or call (610) 251-0945.

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Gestalt Training Application


Dori Middleman, MD
Mark Putnam, MD

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