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Gestalt Demonstrations are our way of letting people know who we are and what we do. It is also a great opportunity to meet our outstanding staff.

If you are interested in psychotherapy and want to open yourself up to do important work, we feel it’s critical that you know who you’re working with. Are they licensed? Professional? Experienced in the areas of my need? Are they authentic and trustworthy? Does it feel good to be around them?

Gestalt DemonstrationsIf you are a human services professional or someone intensely interested in personal growth, these evening demonstrations are an excellent way for you to learn the theory behind Gestalt, and to experience some basic Gestalt awareness concepts. Clinicians, administrators, and consultants in human services, education, health, business, and organizational development have found that Gestalt techniques have enriched and expanded their skills for working with people, groups, and organizations. Others have learned Gestalt principles to help create positive changes in their lives with family, friends, and themselves.

Our Center believes that knowledge of how to mend emotional damage should not just be reserved to professionals but must become disseminated into the general population. It takes healthy people with this know-how to create and maintain productive and harmonious relationships in their families, their community and the world.

These exciting demos will allow you to experience our Center’s special blend of Gestalt with a discussion of the Awareness and Contact Cycle and its applicability to clinical practice and daily life. Mariah Fenton Gladis will also give an experiential demonstration of Gestalt work with a volunteer, followed by a discussion of the how the Gestalt theory applies to that work. Bring along a friend to join us in these exciting demonstrations, and while you’re here, take the opportunity to meet our excellent staff and learn about our programs.

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Thank you so much for a beautiful afternoon of healing; I loved being in community with all of those dear people, and I feel a strong renewal of love energy right now. Love and gratitude to you.

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