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‘Finding Your Voice’ – A 10-Session Gestalt Therapy Group

Colleen Hanley, LCSW

Colleen Hanley, LCSW

Coming Soon! Continuing for 10 Weeks

Do you ever hold back from speaking up on your own behalf, or have trouble asking for help?
Or wish you could connect more deeply with others?

Your voice is so very vital in relating in all of your relationships. A healthy voice reflects your beliefs, your values, your needs, your emotions… your authentic self. When your voice is blocked or missing, you can have difficulty getting your needs and desires heard and met, struggle to connect with others, and walk away from interactions feeling incomplete and alone.

Come join Colleen in this 10-session intensive breakthrough group to discover your voice, which is so necessary in communicating and connecting with family, loved ones, friends and colleagues. Through the use of group exercises and individual work, we’ll explore and strengthen your relationship with your voice and make it more available to you when you need it.

In a safe and supportive environment, you will learn how to:

  1. Remove blocks and transform old patterns of relating
  2. Gain skills in identifying needs and emotions that need to be expressed
  3. Awaken a deeper, more intimate connection with you and others
  4. Use valuable tools that get you out of the head and into your heart and body
  5. Communicate with personal power and use your body to support your expression

Group size is limited to 8 and will be held in-person every other Wednesday, from 5:30 – 7:30 PM. Fee is $95 per session.

If you are interested in this exciting and growthful experience, contact Colleen at or 215-808-1188.

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