Dori Middleman, MD

Dr. Dori Middleman is an extraordinary person. After having pituitary surgery, removal of a pituitary tumor through the nose with the operative microscope, which failed, and two gamma knife surgeries, concentrated radiation to the pituitary, as follow ups, she developed Cushing’s Disease, a hormonal disorder with possible life-threatening symptoms. Dori has not let her experiences change the way she lives her life. Through it all, she continued to teach, work, and be a mom to her two children and a wife. All with humor and grace.

As a speaker, Dori makes complex health issues easily understandable, interesting and very funny. She has written How To Have Fun With A Pituitary Tumor about her experiences with this disease, and has appeared on numerous talk shows and chat rooms. Her great strength is her ability to communicate both the clinical and emotional issues of a life-threatening disease with a warm personal style.

Dori is also the Founder and Director of the Center For a Healthy World (CHW), a volunteer-driven psychotherapy, training, and service cooperative. The center's philosophy is inspired by what she calls "a concept of giving." Its mission is two-fold: To offer clients free, high-quality care, and the gratification of giving service to others through volunteer work.

In her motivational speeches, she talks about ‘giving back’ through service. "I come from a family that is very service oriented, interested in their community, and in helping people. I do that in my work for money, but I wanted to facilitate helping people without dealing with the insurance companies," says Middleman.

Dori Middleman, M.D. is a Psychopharmacologist and a Certified Gestalt Psychotherapist in private practice seeing adults, children, and families in the Philadelphia area. She also co-leads workshops and training at the Pennsylvania Gestalt Center and is Founder and Director of the Center for a Healthy World, a volunteer-driven psychotherapy and training cooperative.


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Mark Putnam, MD

Mark Putnam’s career has been interesting and varied. Mark has been a contractor, ski instructor, and chimney sweep, before turning to his life’s dream of becoming a doctor. Father of two children, Mark’s genuine and authentic approach makes every presentation a starting point for personal and professional growth. A gifted and highly entertaining speaker, Mark’s speeches covers a broad range of elevating topics and his messages are always personal, highly interactive and entertaining for both large and small audiences.

Mark’s accomplished career combines years of clinical, managerial and business experience. He is an inspiring example of reaching life’s goals with dedication and fortitude.

Mark Putnam is also a psychotherapist, life-skills teacher, Gestalt trainer and part-time coach. As a motivator, his heart lies in expanding people’s capacity for relationships and for love in their lives.

Mark Putnam, M.D., co-leads workshops and training at the Center, is Medical Director at The Berkshire Pavilion in Reading, PA, and is a board-certified psychiatrist in private practice seeing children, adolescents, and adults.


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