Our Staff

Mark Putnam, M.D.

Mark Putnam, M.D., co-leads workshops and training at the Center, is Medical Director, Haven Behavioral Hospital, Medical Director, Berkshire Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Associates, Medical Director, Department of Psychiatry, St Joseph Medical Center in Reading, PA, and is a board-certified psychiatrist in private practice seeing children, adolescents, and adults.

Mark enjoys his family first and foremost. Mark is married and has two children, one adopted from China. His wife, Linda Reichert, is Founder of the Network for New Music.  Prior to medical school he owned a small business in restoration and construction and enjoy creating with his hands.  He is a former ski instructor currently learning snowboarding to be able to keep up with his retired older brother who is an excellent snowboarder.

“There are many personal paths to healing. For me, Gestalt theory has been an immensely important paradigm through which to facilitate healing for others and for myself.

One important underlying assumption in Gestalt theory, as practiced in our Center, is that we all share an innate drive to move toward health, like a flower drawn to the sun. We also believe in the wisdom of our organism, in our being, to know what we need in order for us to heal. These assumptions ground our work as we join with the client and student on their unfolding path of growth. I emphasize these beliefs, as I perceive them to be especially important at this time in our culture when so many believe they have the answer for what is right for everyone else. The clients are much wiser than I am regarding their needs and what is important in their lives.

At the same time I recognize the important role I play for those I am in contact with as a physician, teacher or therapist. And I am committed to providing training that not only teaches excellence in clinical skills but which also creates a safe environment for our clients and trainees to grow personally.”

- Mark


Dori Middleman M.D.

Dori Middleman MD, co-leads workshops and training at the Center and is a board-certified psychiatrist and a Gestalt psychotherapist in private practice treating children, adolescents, adults, and families. Dori graduated from Temple University School of Medicine, completed her adult psychiatry residency at Hahnemann University Hospital and child psychiatry fellowship at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center. She then became a faculty member in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and has presented at a number of institutions, including the Family Institute of Philadelphia and the Bryn Mawr and University of Pennsylvania Schools of Social Work.

Dori is in full-time private practice in Merion, PA. She works with people of all ages, teaches and supervises therapists, and prescribes medication for people who wish to combine biological therapies with other methods of healing.

Dori is also Founder and director of the Center For A Healthy World, a volunteer-driven psychotherapy and training cooperative that offers free psychotherapy in exchange for volunteer work with charitable organizations. This organization also provides free training to the practitioners who provide therapy services.

Dori is married to Karl Middleman, the Founder and Director of the Philadelphia Classical Symphony. They have three children: a son, a daughter, and an apricot standard poodle named Dmitri.

“My philosophy of practice is based upon the Gestalt concept that each individual is the best guide to their own needs and that my skill can be most useful in collaboration with the individual and others in their lives - family, friends, and professionals. Accordingly, I rely on communication with you to do my job well.

I specialize in dealing with patients who are motivated to promote their own health and healing and are interested in combining traditional and alternative therapies. I have treated many professionals, including mental health professionals, and their families and people of all races, backgrounds, and sexual orientations.”

- Dori